Boasting an incredible range of colours, Instar paints are perfect for achieving bright, solid and consistent colours across your miniatures. Packaged in dropper bottles ranging from 5ml up to 100ml, they are also perfect for use through an airbrush, giving you a nice smooth and covered finish every time.

Their Alpha range gives you so many choices of base colours, while their Metallic range offers sublime colour shifting and vibrant metallic to fit all your projects.If you are looking to get started on Instar, look no further than Water+. It’s a hellishly good way to thin your acrylic paint, no matter the product lines you currently use.

Are you missing a long gone paint that is no longer produced? Drop Instar a message and they will do what they can to help you out!

Instar paints and products are used during the 48 hour Paint Crusade so you can see just how awesome they are by watching along!

For 5% off your order please use code: MONKEY5 at checkout.

Based in Cornwall, the family run business of Rival Crafts is one you need to know of. Experts in creating beautiful basing solutions, Rival Crafts offer a large range of different materials and one-stop basing toppers for your miniatures.

  • Need a neon pink tuft to go with your alien world? They got you!
  • Need autumnal scatter to dress your bases? They have that!
  • Need to see where your models are in the darkest of nights? Then check out their amazing Glow in the Dark tufts!

They also are home to base toppers, self adhesive basing toppers fitted perfectly to standard base sizes. Furthermore, if you can’t find something you are after, get in touch and they will do their best to help you out!

If you are still not sure, Rival Crafts are supplying the Paint Crusade with the basing material needed to finish off the miniatures, so drop and by and ask about Rival Crafts.

Click the link below to shop with Rival Crafts and help support the Paint Crusade!

Used by all 4 crusaders, Redgrass palettes are best in class products. Well made, designed and easy to use their palettes are a great way to make your paint last longer and start experimenting with advanced techniques like wet blending. Redgrass has branched out recently to other hobby products like brushes and painting handles with the same level of quality that makes their palettes a world-beater.

Pick up some of their products today by clicking the links below!